Welcome to Our New Patient Online Consultation System

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We’re excited to announce some upcoming changes to our online consultation system that will make managing your healthcare needs easier and more integrated. As we continuously strive to improve your experience with us, we’re transitioning to a new system called Blinx PACO GP, starting from 22nd May 2024.

What’s happening?

On 21st May, we’ll be saying goodbye to our current system, Anima, and the following day, Blinx PACO GP will be ready for use. This change means that the forms and questionnaires you’re familiar with will be updated and accessed via our new Digital Front Door.

Why Blinx PACO GP?

Based on valuable feedback from patients like you, we chose Blinx because it enhances security and user-friendliness. You won’t need to remember a username or password. Instead, you’ll use your NHS number and date of birth to log in. Verification will be done via a code sent to your contact details, simplifying your access to our services.

Your health and convenience are our utmost priorities, and we believe these changes will significantly enhance your experience with Hall Green Health. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Below is a short demo of Blinx. We are currently working with Blinx to produce more videos tailored to scenario you may encounter.

A short demo of Blinx PACO GP

Steps You Need to Take

  1. Update Your Contact Preferences – Soon, we’ll ask you to update your preferences for receiving communications via SMS or email, which will help us serve you better using the new system.
  2. Locate Your NHS Number – You’ll need this for the new system. You can find your NHS number in your NHS account or through the dedicated service available via the link below.

Non-urgent advice: To use Blinx, you will need your NHS number

Your NHS number is a 10 digit number, like 485 777 3456.

You can get your NHS number in your NHS account.

Otherwise you can use this service to get your NHS number.

What’s the change?

  • Login Process: No more passwords, just a secure code sent to your phone or email.
  • Forms and Questionnaires: Seamlessly integrated into the new system for easier access. the use of online forms allows the practice to gain information about you and your health in order to make informed decisions. This includes being able to deal with your issue without needing to bring you in and booking you with the right person to support your needs.
  • Enhanced Features: Including health analytics, customised communication, and automated health campaigns.

What We Aim to Maintain

  • Integration with Medical Records – To treat you holistically.
  • Audit History – To enhance transparency and trust.
  • Templates and Customisation – To maintain consistent and tailored communications.
  • Web / mobile friendly – We understand that the majority of patients using our website/online consultation system are doing so from a phone/tablet. As such, it is vital that the system works on all devices.